How to play bowling

No need to wait for a lane.
Things are always rolling in this online league.

Online Play

Roll a Standard game for your best score, and climb the club leader board. Up to 4 players can compete at once in multiplayer mode.

Local Play

Try for a 300 score in a solo game, or take turns with up to three other players.

Three ways to roll

10-Pin Game

A straight-up, 10-pin, 10-frame game with standard rules. Bowl strikes and clean up spares to get the highest score.

100-Pin Game

Similar to the standard game, except that each frame has 100 pins. Knock down all of them for a mega strike worth 3,000 points.

Spin Control

Thread your throws past barriers in the lane to knock down the most pins.

Training Mode

You'll be rolling strikes in no time if you build your skills with these tricky challenges.

Spare Pickups

Try to pick up different types of spares—like the infamous 7-10 split—in one throw. Bonus points if you also hit the stars in the lane.

Tricky Pins

The pins are lined up single file the length of the lane. Make sure your aim is true and your spin precise to knock them all down.

100-Pin Pro

Hearts, moons and other odd targets are strewn throughout the lane. Hit as many as you can as you roll for the main 100-pin target.