How to play golf

You'll have a blast on the links.
That's par for the course at our Club.

Tee up some fun with a with a few holes of Golf—the weather is always beautiful on the Wii Sports Club courses. Pick your club, line up your shot, and then try to hit the sweet spot with your Wii Remote™ Plus controller.

Online Play

Tee time is any time when you jump online for a round of golf with friends— or rivals from another regional club.*

Local Play

Play a game by yourself or with up to three other people on the Lakeside, Classic, and Resort golf courses.**

Play it as it lies… on the GamePad

The Wii U GamePad controller has a special role to play in Golf. Position it on the floor in front of your TV and then swing at the ball displayed on its screen. The GamePad also displays your club head, the Swing Meter and the course terrain—so you can make adjustments during your shots.

Training Mode

Sharpen your form with some fun training exercises that test you in different phases of the game. You can also make it social and train with another golfer.

Pro Putter

You have ten chances to tap in as many putts as you can. Keep trying to beat your record.

Chip-in Bingo

Grab your Wedge (or any club you like), then chip some balls onto a giant bingo board for points. Watch out for trees.

Driver Challenge

Blast long drives onto a giant target in the middle of a water hazard. Rack up extra points by driving accurately through the moving uprights.