How to Get It


First-timers can try out Wii Sports Club during a 24-hour free trial. Figure out which sports you like, and then look into getting a pass. To automatically get the game, connect your Wii U console to the Internet and enable the Automatic Software Downloads feature in Internet Settings. Or, just go to the Nintendo eShop to download it.

Which pass is for you?

After the free trial ends, you can purchase two different types of passes from within the game.

Day Pass ($1.99)

for 24 hours of access

A day pass gives you access to all of the available
sports for a 24-hour period. It's a great option if
you're entertaining friends or looking for an
afternoon of fun.

Club Pass ($9.99)

for unlimited access to one sport

A club pass gives you unlimited access to a
single sport with no time limit. If you plan to
play a lot of a certain sport, it's the best choice.

Ready to buy?

You can purchase passes by selecting the eShop icon on the main menu in the game. Wii Sports Club is only available through the Nintendo eShop.

Select the Nintendo eShop icon to buy a pass.

Choose the type of pass you want, and then confirm your purchase.