Meet up at the club

When you join a regional club, you can jump in and play any time you want. Grab a quick game with another member of your club, or get serious against a member of a rival club. Your club's reputation is on the line.

Play it solo

If you don’t want to join a regional club, you can still participate in the online fun. Just get a world club membership that's unaffiliated with any region, and play for a team of one.

Looking for a match?
There's always an opponent waiting online

Challenge anyone

Get matched up with a random player at your skill level.

Challenge a friend

Wait for a friend or choose a friend who's searching for an opponent.

Challenge a club member

Face off against a member of your own club, or match up with a weak, strong or featured rival club.

Connect across Miiverse

You might be hundreds of miles from your opponents, but the Miiverse lets you share your thoughts with far-flung friends and club members.


Set a Miiverse post or a preset comment to the control pad on your Wii Remote Plus, then let the comments fly during competition.

Pep Talk

Members of your club can chime in to offer support during a local match.

Miiverse is an online gaming community for Wii U that lets you share experiences with other gamers from around the world.

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