How to play Tennis

Spin it. Lob it. Smash it.
Rally with players from across the country.

Grab a Wii Remote Plus and blast some groundstrokes in a fast-paced game of doubles tennis. Reach the set number of points first to win a game. If you win enough games, you win the match.

Work the entire court in a doubles match.
If you're playing doubles on your own, you control both the net player or the baseline player.

Online Play

Go online and play single-game doubles matches for two to four people.

Local Play

Select a Mii™ character and compete against the computer, or against up to 3 other players in the same room.

Training Mode

Hone your skills with three fun training drills. You can also take turns with another player to compete for points.

Ring Master

Blast your shots through rings that appear on the court to practice the basics.

Tennis Moles

Hit the moles as they pop up on the court. It's a great way to practice your aim and shot timing.

Runner Ducky

Duck-shaped ball machines run to where you hit your returns. The farther the machines run, the more points you get.